bookmark_borderI Published The Renewal Project

I’ve created a 10-minute interactive story about the captain of a colony vessel about to embark on a long journey into deep space. Definitely experienced first-hand the challenge of making branching story lines, and have been music quite a bit on the various ways the BioWare or TellTale have tried to address the challenge.

I’ve enjoyed a bunch of the text-based adventures I’ve played and wanted to try my hand at a story-based, agile project. It was a new process for me. I started with’s Squiffy – a cool, in development project, that helps you to create simple text adventures. It generated an HTML, javascript, css, and jquery.min.js script, which I edited using ShiftEdit. I compiled the whole thing into an apk using PhoneGap.

All of it done in the browser (save for generating an android store keystore). I love the future.

The Renewal Project is playable for free in the browser or on Google Play.