bookmark_borderThe Captain’s Log

After more than a year of solo development, I’m excited to finally announce the Captain’s Log. 

My wife Mara and have I watched a lot of Star Trek over the past two years, and (Mara can confirm this) pretty much every time we watched the opening credits for Voyager (in which a space ship and her crew are stranded on the far side of the galaxy) I mused out loud that “this would make an awesome game.” This is my attempt to make that happen! Nights, weekends, and more than the occasional early morning were dedicated to the effort.

I wanted to capture a sense of adventure and isolation, the challenge of a captain making decisions for his or her crew, and little stories of people trying to make it from day to day, passing around an increasingly threadbare copy of “Pride and Prejudice.” 

The game is free to download (with an optional donation) for PC, Mac, and Linux. After the initial release, I’m going to make a mobile version.