Was cited in this Bloomberg article about Hezbollah and video games

Hezbollah’s Tech-Savvy, Platform-Agnostic Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

June 05, 2014

….Released in 2007, Special Force 2 is one of Hezbollah’s most ambitious digital efforts. The scenarios are based on the 2006 war with Israel, which Hezbollah says it won. “As game development cycles go, that’s very quick,” says Derek Gildea, a games designer and Middle East specialist with the U.S. Institute of Peace. On his own time, Gildea dissected Special Force 2’s code and found it was built by hackingUbisoft Entertainment’s (UBI:FP) Far Cry games and adding scowling Israelis as the enemy. First sold on CD, the game can be downloaded via the Pirate Bay file sharing site and is installed in Beirut Internet cafes. Kids appreciate a game where the bad guys aren’t Arabs. “They were pretty darn savvy with this game,” Gildea says.

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